Advertising For Online Educators

It’s time to look beyond moving from one freelancer to the other while struggling to keep your advertising strategy together.

Combined our team has more than 30+ years of experience running Advertising for Online Education Companies. We only work with six clients a year. Every client we work with is able to grow revenue, profit and ad investment in under three months.

You're ready to work with our Expert Advertising Team if you have 7 figure revenue numbers and yet,

You are unable to predict cash flow coming from your investment in Digital Advertising

You’ve struggled to have a reliable, stable and full-stack advertising team

You have failed to go cross-platform and are relying solely one either product launches, Facebook advertising or one-off email blasts

Here are four words you will always find on every sales page but they couldn’t be more true especially in this case – it’s NOT your fault. Or at least, not JUST yours.

It’s ALL our fault. We run after the ‘get big quick’, 7-step formula to create 29 clients in 2 weeks before anyone can say the two most important four letter words in Advertising:

We’re all using the same exact ad tactics and instead of getting big quick, our customers are getting sick quicker.

The reason it has become so cumbersome to scale a an Online Education business with Ads is because consumers often know what’s coming for them – a system designed to trick them – consumers sense it and they are starting to run the other way.

Who We Are.

Growth Marketing Team is a turn-key advertising solution for coaches, authors, small & medium online media businesses.

We’re a nimble yet agile team that takes on only a handful number of clients each year. We co-create a custom advertising solution for each business specifically designed to push critical growth levers for that business.

While it may seem uncanny, our objective for each client is that they grow beyond their own expectations even if it means hiring another agency catering to much bigger organizations.


Based out of Silicon Valley, Tushar works closely with leaders across B2C, B2B and Hybrid organizations. With more than a decade as an marketing executive, he brings a fresh approach to information and media businesses.

He has played CMO & VP Marketing roles at organizations like Mindvalley and Crowdstaffing and now runs this agency out of his Silicon Valley office.

At Mindvalley, he worked with the likes of Harv Eker, Lisa Nichols, Marisa Peer, John Assaraf, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Vishen Lakhiani and Ajit Nawalkha.

At Crowdstaffing, Tushar’s team was responsible to bring in Fortune 500 Clients. The company serves the likes of Google, SpaceX and Uber.

In 2016, He was listed as one of the Top 25 CMOs in Asia Pacific by the CXOPowerBook and has more than 6000 students for his online courses on Udemy.

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Tushar Bhatnagar
Growth Marketing Team

Why Growth Marketing Team?

We’re passionate about Online Education. We’ve also sold $100MM+ of Online Courses.

Skill is good. Experience is great. Expertise is relative. Projections are fiction but Results are truth.

Here is how Growth Marketing Team is doing right now:

We scaled our first three clients from 0 to $1Mil in Annual Revenue from Advertising in 12 months. 

We currently work with the biggest names in Online Education you can think of. 

We work across platforms – Youtube, Search, Display, Facebook and Instagram.

We work with creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs, change-makers and transformational speakers.

We’re marketers – we understand funnels, cashflow and the technical side of marketing

We understand the business of Online Education – which is rare for an Advertising team.

Our Services

As an expert advertising team, we work with a wide range of companies within the realm of Online Education.

Advertising Strategy

Creating an Ads Revenue plan for each quarter

Creating predictable cashflow using Automation vs Launches

Managing AdSpend vs ROI – Creating a positive ROI Cycle on your Marketing Spend

Budget and scaling plan for each and every funnel

Advertising Execution

Spend Management: Calculate and use the right mix of Google, FB, LI & Remarketing to maximize ROI.

Google Advertising: Managing Search vs Youtube vs Display – depending on what’s right for your business.

Facebook Advertising: Using video, sponsored, audience capabilities to advance and complement your overall ad strategy.

Remarketing: Combining email marketing with a funnel remarking cross channel strategy including Google, Youtube, Facebook, LI and other options such as adroll.

‘Tushar and his team helped us to scale to over a million dollars in advertising spend with very good results! They were professional, flexible, and easy to work with. The relationship was very profitable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future. You can’t go wrong with Tushar and his team. ‘

 Josh Dunlop, CEO 
Expert Photography 

‘Whenever someone asks me where they can get access to best-in-class Digital Advertising experts, Tushar and his team are always my first recommendation. They have helped me and my clients grow our businesses while being professional, flexible, and easy to work with. Give them a call and you’ll see.’

 Ajit Nawalkha, CEO & Founder 
Evercoach by Mindvalley 

‘Shoutout to Tushar and his team. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them. Anytime we had an idea we wanted to try they would be there to run it. They were really a partner to our business. Not a separate contractor or employee. Anytime you’re looking for someone to just plug into your business and run Facebook Ads, they are the right team.

 Sean Patrick Simpson, CEO

Mark Webster Authority Hacker

‘If you want to scale your Facebook ads, Tushar and his team should be your first port of call. They took our old campaigns which were performing ‘okay’, turned them into winners and then scaled them. I would not hesitate to recommend their service ‘

 Mark Webster, Co-Founder
Authority Hacker 

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