ATTENTION: This is business critical for anyone planning to run ads in 2024 

The Cookie is Going Away (for good

If you haven't setup CAPI perfectly and Migrated Fully to GA4, You're already late. 83% of All Advertisers have already made this critical upgrade


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  • All major browsers now block cookies by default (no tracking for Advertisers)
  • ​​It will become impossible to run ads without setting up cookie-less tracking
  • ​​Starting July traditional analytics tools like Universal Analytics will no longer function
  • ​Regulations kicking in across the world will force browsers to deprecate the cookie
  • ​Advertisers will no longer see any useful data within their accounts
  • ​​Having CAPI is no longer just an option - it has become mission critical

Get ready for a Cookie-less world

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Time left when Google deprecates the cookie


© 2023 Growth Marketing Team - All rights reserved

© 2023 Growth Marketing Team - All rights reserved