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How a Niche Online Music Instructor lowered CAC by 33% and 3X their subscriptions?

One of our client is a music instructor who teaches music instruments through an online academy. They function on a subscription model and wanted to scale their subscriber base, lower customer acquisition cost (CAC), and become the go-to academy for the instrument they focus on.

  • ​Industry: Online Education, Music
  • ChannelsFacebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube, Google Display Network
  • ​ObjectivesScale subscriber base by 3000, Reduce CAC from $90 to $60 and boost organic engagement. 
  • Campaign Dates: 21 Jun 21 - 14 Jul 2021

What Changed in 23 Days?

Metrics Before the Launch:
CAC: $90
Monthly Subscriptions: 700

Campaign Dates
21st Jun 21 - 14th Jul 2021

Metrics After the Launch:
CAC: $60
Monthly Subscriptions: 2480

Reduction in CPA

Monthly Subscriptions

Increase in Brand Mentions

Reduction in CPA

Monthly Subscriptions

Brand Mentions

Creating and Leveraging a Viral Marketing Effect

We increased branded searches for the company, which means that there was much more organic traction for business even after the campaign ended.

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Campaign Brief and Challenges

The Campaign Idea

The music school was giving away more than $30,000 worth of prizes in the summer. It was completely FREE to enter, and the prizes included limited-edition instruments and outstanding music gear.

Challenges Faced

  • ​iOS 14 resulted in a drop in conversions on Facebook and Instagram
  • ​On Facebook, we faced ad disapprovals as the algorithm confused the concept with lottery and gambling ads
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Quantifiable Success

We increased branded searches for the company, which means that there was much more organic traction for business even after the campaign ended.

We spent $150K (40% on Google and 60% on FB) and got a CPA of $60 on both platforms.

Our CAC was a priority over scale and we ensured that the business got maximum subscriptions possible.

We spent $150K and got a CPA of $60 on both platforms

What Did Growth Marketing Team Do Differently?

  • Pre-launched a teaser campaign to generate interest before the actual launch.
  • ​Used a campaign structure that allows to filter interested people based on behaviors like cart abandonment, time on site, video engagement, and button clicks for efficient remarketing campaigns.
  • ​Leveraged the mass appeal of giveaway concept with open targeting campaigns on Facebook resulting in lower CPM and CPC.
  • ​Used dynamic Facebook ads to update the business about best-performing creatives using statistically significant data.
  • ​Took advantage of trending searches about the brand on Google for search and performance max campaigns.
  • ​Video campaigns had an average CPC of $0.68, but the Discovery campaign resulted in a CPC of $0.19. Growth Marketing Team extensively used discovery ads to generate quality traffic and later retargeted these users across platforms to trigger sales.

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